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Forespørsel på hytteleie

Here you can submit a request for a cabin rental.

Please note that prices are based on 24-hour rates and there may be rates in prices in relation to Christmas / New Year / Easter / Animal Show etc.


If you want to rent a cottage for a week or more, discounted rates apply and you will receive a separate mail from us with the right price.

Please note that THE CABIN RENTAL AND THE PRICE OF THE STAY ARE NOT GUARANTEED BEFORE YOU HAVE REECEIVED A MAIL FROM US TO CONFIRM THIS. As the wrong price of online booking confirmation comes up, you need an email from us with the right price. After submitting a request, you will receive a confirmation in English for your mail. This is NOT the confirmation from us when ordering a cabin, but an automatic email confirming that we have received your request. You will receive the confirmation email from us as soon as we have ensured that there is cabin available for you, here we also add invoice for the cabin rental and cleaning deposit.


We send confirmation as soon as possible, but if you have not heard from us within 48 hours, please feel free to call us.

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