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Now Nedre Strand can offer car hire!


Prices: High Season: June 1 - September 1, Easter. Low Season: September 1 - June 1 (except Easter). Weekly price in High Season Kr. 13,500 Weekly price in low season Kr. 9000 Weekend price in high season Kr 9.000 Weekend price in low season kr. 5000


Included in the rent: Weekly price High season: 2000 km, Gas 3-5 kg, hull insurance, chemicals in the toilet. Final cleaning not included Weekly price low season: 1800 km, Gas 3-5 kg, hull insurance, chemicals in the toilet. Final cleaning not included

Weekend price low season: 2000 km, Gas 3-5 kg, hull insurance, chemicals in the toilet. Final cleaning not included


For longer rental periods in high season, a discount is given on the rental period that exceeds 4 weeks. For rental periods of 4 weeks or long rentals in low season, request a quote. Prices various Internal final cleaning NOK 750 (Pets, NOK 2000, -) Exterior cleaning NOK 550 Bed linen, per person NOK 290 Camping table, per NOK 70 Camping chair, per NOK 50 Color TV, per week NOK 600


If you would like to know more, please call Hans at Tel: +47 415 47 303


Contract terms for renting a mobile home:



When booking, the tenant signs an agreement and pays a booking fee no later than 5 days after booking, as confirmation of the booking.



Delivery and delivery takes place according to agreement, which is stated when ordering. Request for change of time for out and / or submission must be made no later than 24 hours before the agreed time. We make reservations that such changes cannot be accepted. In case of late return, NOK 500 will be charged for each hour, unless otherwise agreed. If late delivery causes delays for the next tenant, the lessee will be charged for any additional costs incurred for the next tenant. These additional costs may include hotel costs or the cost of obtaining a spare car and other accompanying costs.


The caravan does not have to be washed externally before returning. But the following points must be met:

- All garbage must be removed from the car.

- All mats should be toasted.

- Drain tank and WC tank must be emptied.

- The fuel tank must be returned full.

- Open gas cylinders are charged.

Final cleaning can be pre-booked for NOK 1,275. (Without advance order NOK 550, - per hour for clearing / washing, in addition to the price of NOK 1 275, -) Then the three top points can be omitted. If you do not want to fill the diesel yourself, there will be a supplement of NOK 235 + NOK 15, - / liter of diesel.


Parking fines, passenger passes and the like. or the illegal use of duty-free diesel, which the tenant has not settled, is charged to the lessee's credit card in retrospect. In addition comes a handling fee of NOK 250, -. Bypass in unattended boom will be charged without a handling fee (does not apply where there is a manual payment option).


Tenant's responsibility:

The caravan undergoes a check before the rental. During the rental period, the tenant has responsibility for the motorhome by eg. to check / replenish the required oil, water on the radiator etc. We assume a careful treatment of the camper so that the trip is successful. Motorhomes are animal and non-smoking. In the event of a violation of the prohibition against animals and / or smoking, the following additional fees apply: Animals NOK 3,200, - smoking NOK 3,200, -. NB: See also your own info in the motorhome for further information.



The landlord does not provide compensation for lost holiday / working profit if damage or motor failure occurs. on the ordered motorhome. Deposit paid and rented will then be returned in full. However, we do our best to find another motorhome. If errors / damage occur during the journey, the tenant will be refunded rent for the number of days that the motor home is for repair, but no delay in repair which is less than 12 hours. If the error is proven due to the tenant, no refund will be obtained. Most travel insurance companies have free return travel on long-term repair.


NB! In case of damage, a claim must be filled out.

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